Ship Insructions

Launch Instructions:

In any order perform the following.
(There are 4 bulbs in the middle of the spaceship cockpit. In order to launch all must be turned on to green.)
Turn on both left and right thrusters. 2 bulbs should turn green.
Set ignition relay to: OFF, ON, ON, OFF, ON, ON, ON, OFF. (off is red, green is on). 1 bulb should turn on.
Lastly set thruster output to 47. 1 bulb should turn on.
Hold down the launch button to take off.


Before traveling anywhere once launch is accomplished. You must turn on your radar to know your next steps.
Initiating Hyperdrive:
All hyperdrive switches must be turned on. (They are set to red, turn all to green)
Thruster output must be set to 100. (Last bulb should turn red)
Press Z to initiate Hyperdrive.

Manual Override:

Once arriving at a station you must follow these steps to refuel:
Turn off both trusters.
Turn on the manual Override button. (Red button marked with a M)
Once in this mode you arrow keys to line up green line with ship and press space to refuel. Be careful! inch your way in pressing the Space bar to deploy your fuel line. If you miss or get to close your ship will BLOWWW.

Additional controls:

Hold click or touch over any button, lever, or switch to reset to default/off position.
If using headset to refuel:
left side helmet button is left, right side helmet button is right, left front button is up, and front right button is down.